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Who Are Our Providers?

Realtime Physicians are practicing primary care physicians, pediatricians, internists, family, general medicine physicians and other medical professionals. Our doctor network is outstanding and we appreciate their commitment to our members.

Our doctors are U.S. board-certified and credentialed through the National Physician Data Base (NPDB) and the American Medical Association (AMA) for medical licensure, training and education, work history and malpractice history. Plus our doctors are licensed in their respective states meaningour doctor consultations will always be with a doctor licensed to practice medicine in your state.

Realtime Physicians doctors are like your primary care physician (PCP) or family medicine doctor. They incorporate telehealth or telemedicine into their medical practice because they see it as a way to give more affordable, more convenient access to quality care.

All our doctors are specially trained in telehealth protocols to best work with our members.

To follow up and make sure our members had an outstanding experience with Realtime Physicians we call every “appointment” back within 36 hours to answer questions, get a review of the doctor and see if the prescription was picked up. We want to know how we can make our member’s experience perfect!

Unrestricted access to healthcare solutions 24/7.

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